Hi! I am Siddharth (Sid). I am a second-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Rochester advised by Aaron White. My research interests lie at the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am especially interested in extracting semantic information from linguistic input.

In May 2019, I graduated from the University of Rochester with a Masters in Computational Linguistics.

During my Masters at Rochester, I worked as a graduate researcher with Aaron Steven White at the FACTS Lab, where I worked on fine-grained temporal relation extraction. I also worked with James Allen on improving semantic parsing using statistical Word Sense Disambiguation.

My papers are listed on the publications page. Full list of publications can be found at Semantic Scholar/Google Scholar.


May-August,2020    Worked with Amazon Alexa as an Applied Scientist Intern for Summer 2020
Feb 7-Feb 10, 2020    Presented Poster in the Student Abstract program at AAAI-2020 in New York, Hilton.
Oct 25, 2019    Student Abstract titled "Improving Semantic Parsing using Statistical Word Sense Disambiguation" accepted to AAAI-20 Student Abstract program.
Sep 9-18, 2019    Conducted five 90-minute tutorial sessions on 'Text Processing in Python' ( Github Link )
July 28-31, 2019    Attended ACL 2019 in Florence, Italy. Presented an oral talk on 'Fine-Grained Temporal Relation Extraction'.
May 14, 2019    Paper on "Fine-Grained Temporal Relation Extraction" accepted to ACL 2019
Feb 12, 2019    Abstract titled "Towards Improving Semantic Parsing Using Statistical Word Sense Disambiguation" accepted to FLAIRS-32
October 5-7, 2018    Attended NELS 49 at Cornell University.
September 12, 2018    Abstract titled "The extension of (positive) anymore" accepted for presentation to ADS, 2019