I am currently a graduate researcher under Prof. Aaron Steven White at the FACTS Lab, University of Rochester. I am currently working on building neural network architectures for predicting fine-grained temporal relations within English sentences.

I have also worked with Prof. Schubert on turn-taking corpus annotations of LISSA, a virtual agent designed to improve communication skills of ASD teens and old-aged people.

Previously, I worked as a Senior Consultant at EXL Services on developing credit portfolio strategies for major retail banks in Africa and UK.

I graduated from IIT Kharagpur, India, in 2014 with a Dual Degree (B.Tech. (H) + M.Tech.) in Agricultural and Food Engineering, my Master’s specialization was Food Process Engineering.

Research interests - to work at the intersection of natural language processing and machine learning, especially extracting semantic information from text. Othere interests: Machine Translation, Common Sense Reasoning, Text Generation.